Presentación YUCCAFLOR
Presentación YUCCAFLOR
Yuccaflor® – Liquid Yucca schidigera Extract

Flowers fresh longer
Plants more vigorous


Yucca plant has been a key element in the survival of the Indian tribes that inhabit arid zones of the United States and Mexico: all parts of the plant (fruits, pods, petals, leaves, roots) have been used as food and some of them in the bilding of their housings, seats, etc. and also as ingredients for soaps, fermented drinks, etc. Indians still wash their hair with Yucca, and at the same time they fight dandruff and hair loose.

Yucca concentrate juice has also been used as traditional botanical remedy in arthritis, hipercholesterolemia and digestive illnesses.

Yucca has adapted to extreme adverse conditions of its habitat. Yucca saponins increase resistance to stress, and promote growth of certain vegetable cells.

General applications of the Yucca schidigera extract in agriculture

Yucca schidigera extract has a high content in steroidal saponins (natural surfactants) and when it is added to the floor it has the capacity to act on the cells of the roots, increasing the absorption of water and nutrients.

Likewise interacts with the surrounding microflora too, creating a more favorable rizhosfere for the plant. It improves water and fertilizers penetration especially in compact or alkaline soils, besides stimulating the development of the microorganisms of the rizhosfere, increasing this way the decomposition of the organic matter, modifying soil structure and giving to the plant bigger water a nutrient availability and, in consequence, a better development of the same one.

Yucca schidigera products are used for more than twenty-five years in agriculture, as soil improvers, foliar formulations, wetting and anti-stress agents, and plant growth promoters (See summary of field tests and dosage).

Yuccaflor® Applications

  • Yuccaflor® increases yield and quality of vegetables (potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, etc.), alfalfa, etc.
  • Yuccaflor® helps to plants to support the adverse conditions and the environmental stress. It has an anti-stress action on sport facilities’ grass, making it stronger against adverse climatic conditions and having a healthier and more vigorous growth.
  • Yuccaflor® increases permeability of plant cell wall, optimizing germination of seeds, and getting a quicker and deeper development of the roots, etc.
  • Yuccaflor® controls molluscs and nematodes.
Yuccaflor envase
Yuccaflor envase

Instructions for use

  • Add several drops ofYuccaflor® to water, and flowers will remain fresh longer.
  • Use Yuccaflor® at least once a week (3-8 drops/litters of water) and plants come alive again.
  • Please, increase the dose if it is necessary.

The information and recommendations contained in this documentation are based on tests and data believed to be reliable. However, the user is responsible for determining the appropriateness of the application of the product to his own use and of fulfilling the applicable law. Anyway, in no case these products are proposed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.