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Yucca schidigera plant
Yucca schidigera plant

Yucca schidigera Roezl ex Ortgies is a plant belonging to the Agavaceae family (monocotyledons) native to the south-western of the United States of America and the north of Mexico. The Yucca schidigera is a tree that rarely exceeds 4.5 meters in height. The Yucca schidigera contains steroidal saponins of wich the principal sapogenin is sarsapogenin.

Yucca has been one of the most important elements in the survival of the indian tribes that inhabit the dry zones of south-western USA and the north of Mexico. All the parts of the plant (fruit, pods, petals, leaves and even the roots) have been used as food and some parts of the plant have been used as construction materials for small dwellings, chairs etc and as ingredients in the production of soaps and fermented drinks, etc.

Yucca’s possible applications:

Dietetic and Pharmaceutical applications
Improvement of “eutrophic” intestinal flora
Reduction of triglyceride and cholesterol levels
Treatment of abnormally high blood pressure
Relief from some types of migraines, etc.

Food applications
Natural foaming agent -in countries where authorized- for drinks

Feed applications
Reduction of ammonia and other noxious gas levels in farms
Improvement of animal acceptance and utilization of feed
Frequent synergy in the use of antibiotics and probiotics
Evacuation of farms waste water by stimulating bacterial activity, thereby preventing the formation of crusts and sludge build up (animal waste treatment and cleaning applications)
Reduction of the ammonia odours given off by pet beds
Sport horses: complementary food for joint and digestive health.

Applications in the Industry of Detergents and Cleaning Agents
Natural, biodegradable and environment-friendly foaming and tensioactive agent

Cosmetic Industry and Personal Hygiene Product applications
Excellent biodegradable tensioactive agent
Its tensioactive performance is very smooth and non-irritating
Increases the formation and stability of foam in cosmetic preparations and personal hygiene products
It is stable in the pH 2-10 range
It does not affect the aesthetic aspects of cosmetic compounds

Agricultural applications 
Improves the performance and quality of horticultural products (potatoes, carrots, tomatos, etc.)
Produces a significant increase in cutting yield in lucerne crops
On turfs -especially sports fields- it provides an anti-stress capacity, allowing the grass to better withstand adverse weather conditions and to grow healthy and vigorously
Increases the permeability of the plant cellular wall, thereby allowing faster germination of the seeds, quicker and deeper development of the roots, etc.
Helps the plants to better support adverse conditions and environmental stress

Applications in the Waste Water Purification and Treatment (Environmental applications)
Increase in microbial growth, both aerobic and anaerobic, and therefore: improvement in the stability of the purification system and in the quality of the effluent…
Reduction in the quantity of sludges
Increasing the biodegradability of oils and fats, reducing the amount of excess sludge, improving system stability and reducing foam formation
Eliminates NH3 wich is toxic for the microorganisms in activated sludges
By reducing corrosive gas levels, the working life of metal parts is extended
Swimming Pool Applications
A clarification and purification agent when the saline content of the water is a high one

Available products:

» YUCCA-50
Aqueous liquid extract (juice) from Yucca schidigera concentrated to 50 Brix, acidified by means of phosphoric acid and potassium sorbate as preservative.

» Other Yucca schidigera products can be available upon request.
We also have available other Yucca-based products for cosmetic applications.

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