Xi'Oil - Aceite para la piel
Xi'Oil - Aceite para la piel

Xi’Oil®  is an oily cosmetic product for skin care and treatment, formulated with Ximeninic acid and natural Tocopherols over a base of Jojoba, Rosehip and deodorised Argan oils, with re-moisturising, revitalising and emollient activity.


Ximeninic acid can be found in Olacacea such as Ximenia africana, X. caffra, etc. (present is some tropical areas of Africa, Australia,…) and Olax dissitiflora (present in South Africa and Mozambique) and also can be found in some Santalacea (Santalum acuminatum, S. spicatum, etc).

Its traditional use by women from Centre Africa tribes, consisted in grounding in a mortar the Olax dissitiflora‘s roots, preparing blobs which were use as face mask o face and neck, leaving it to act during approximately 48 hours. Afterwards it was removed showing a perfectly smoothed, moisturised, elastic and velvety skin.

How is Xi’Oil®?

Xi’Oil® contains Ximeninic Acid which is a natural unsaturated fatty acid that is obtained from Olax dissitiflora’s or Ximenia sp.’s roots.
contains natural Tocopherols, as antioxidant factor.
has a base of Jojoba, Rosehip and deodorised Argan oils which act as vehicle for Ximeninic Acid and natural Tocopherols, contribute their penetration power and its own activity.
is an oily non-greasy liquid, which is quickly adsorbed into the skin when it is massaged.

Why Xi’Oil®?

Xi’Oil® is indicated when sin revitalising and remoisturising is needed (specially in face and neck).
Xi’Oil® is useful to applied on lips, to protect them from dryness or recover them if damaged.
Xi’Oil® serves as protector of the epithelium and stimulant of reparative processes of epidermis whic has bee demaged with sun erythema, etc.
Xi’Oil® has an elastic and emollient in slin.
Xi’Oil® helps in cicatrising processes of wounds.
Xi’Oil® is a cosmetic product which produces an improvement of epidermic trophism, specially is mature skin with hypotrophic and less elastic complexion.

How to use Xi’Oil®?

Xi’Oil® should be expanded using the roll-on bottle over the skin, massaging softly with the fingertips until it is completely absorbed.

The information and recommendations contained in this documentation are based on tests and data believed to be reliable. However, the user is responsible for determining the appropriateness of the application of the product to his own use and of fulfilling the applicable law. Anyway, in no case these products are proposed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.