Yuccapoo - Yucca schidigera shampoo
The only shampoo with plant saponins
Frequent use
For all hair types and users
Multiactive washing for your hair

Yucca schidigera has been an essential complement in the life of the natives from the arid zones of Sudwest North America for ages.
Yucca has been used as an ingredient for drinks, in ceremonies, ... and particularly for the hair wash and care. Navajo Indians used to trust on the wash with Yucca to get a long, shiny and abundant hair.
In the 50s, some botanists and researchers were interested in the properties of Yucca. ANAGALIDE, SA have explored plant saponins world since 1978, and the Yucca schidigera saponins since 1990.

How is yuccapoo®?
yuccapoo® contains plant saponins, which are a pH and water hardness independent natural detergent.
yuccapoo® has a slightly acid pH (5.5), similar to scalp; It respects its equilibrium this way.
yuccapoo® washes no agressively with very little quantity of product. Saponins wash effectively and softly your hair, thus they allow frequent use.
yuccapoo® due to its content in Yucca schidigera saponins, generates a smaller quantity of foam than others products that are entirely formulated with synthetic detergents. However, it is not less effective.
yuccapoo® has an appropriate viscosity that facilitates its application and a complete hair rinse.
yuccapoo® doesn´t need any conditioner.
yuccapoo® doesn't contain added colouring agents. The colour is due to the natural Yucca extract. el color es el natural y propio del extracto de la Yucca.

Why Yuccapoo®?
Continuous use of yuccapoo®, due to its natural compounds from Yucca schidigera, help us to get a stronger and healthier hair, shiner and nicer, with more shape and volume.
yuccapoo® facilitates hair style by means of softness, flexibility and styling.
yuccapoo® allows a faster drying, by shortening the exposition time to hair dryer which damages so much our hair.
Utilizando yuccapoo®, our hair keeps clean more time.

When using Yuccapoo®?
yuccapoo® is indicated for all kind of hair and users: it is suitable for washing short, long, natural, white or coloured hairs.
yuccapoo® conditions your hair, by reducing the chance of harming the hair as you untangle it and the cutting knife runs more smoothly. Ideal to wash your beird, it keeps it soft and shine.
yuccapoo® helps to control the greasy hair and scalp irritations.

The information and recommendations contained in this documentation are based on tests and data believed to be reliable and have the purpose of directing users with regard to their indications and use.