Cosmetic and Household Products
Since July 2003, after launching in the market Yuccapoo®, ANAGALIDE, SA has started a line of cosmetic and home care products, fundamentally based on the raw materials we well know about, produce or market.

Our intention is to complete the development of this line of products, having cosmetic products with cared composition (mainly based in our raw materials) to reach an "essentially effective cosmetic".

In order to identify our line of products, we have created a new logo to distinguish them from our other traditional products.

Available products
» Xi'Oil
Cosmetic oil (re-moisturiser, revitaliser, skin tensor and emollient agent) for skin care.

» Yuccapoo
Yucca schidigera shampoo.

Household Products

» Yuccaflor
Yucca schidigera liquid extract for flowerpots and fresh cut flowers.